Dollar credit: Are you totally sure?

In different situations of our life we ​​are in need of taking out a loan and this is not a problem if we have Good Finance to pay monthly installments on time and avoid entering risk centers .

The problem of taking out loans is when they are acquired in a different type of currency than our income, and it must be taken into account that the current exchange rate is not permanent. Know why you have to think well whether or not you should take out a credit in dollars instead of a credit in soles .

The exchange rate can play against

The exchange rate can play against

When you request a credit in dollars and you have income in soles, you have to take into account that when changing currency to make payments there will be a balance that runs for the benefit of the bank rather than the consumer. And it is that the sale price of the dollar is not the same as that of the purchase.

The exchange rate must also be kept in mind

The exchange rate must also be kept in mind

A dollar loan is convenient when the value of the dollar decreases.

However, this is not stable and can alter your finances if the price of this currency rises suddenly. Special care must be taken when it comes to personal loans.

Personal loans in soles are better

If you did not have the opportunity to read this note before and you already took out a dollar loan, but you just realized all the problems that it can bring you: Quiet! There is still a solution!

An alternative is to talk with your bank about the possibility of changing your debt from dollars to soles; If this is not possible, the purchase of debt is your best ally.

By asking another financial institution to buy the debt you acquired in dollars, you have the possibility to ask the debt to change the currency of the debt to soles. There are already many who offer this method of payment to customers who have an excellent credit history .