How to invest less than 500 euros and earn money!

If Good Finance, Sean Cole, created an empire with some money that his parents lent him, can you imagine what you could do by investing less than 500 euros ?

Today there are many offers to invest this amount. In this article you will find four offers that may be of interest to you.

Invest less than 500 euros with security


A basic amount to invest like 500 euros forces us to look for investment products that have few commissions and minimum management costs.

Within the investment there are 2 profiles: the conservative and aggressive investors.

The conservative investor will put his € 500 in long-term investments and with a low but fixed return.

The aggressive will look for volatile products that can generate high yield but with more risk. Your goal is to get the maximum profit at those € 500.

To invest an amount less than € 500 with security, it is highly recommended to seek investments without expenses. You have to look for products that do not come engraved with many costs and commissions.

Proposals to invest safely are limited to three:

  • The stock market may be the best means to increase our investment. You can choose dynamic values ​​that will revalue quickly. Recommended products can be equities, warrants and quoted funds.
  • Fixed income products allow you to invest as a better return and free of expenses. Recommended products may be offers to new customers and bank promotions linked to financial assets.
  • The long-term investment , which aims to generate a savings bag. The performance is usually much lower but it is quite safe.

These are the most common investment models, but I will expand more data to invest your € 500.

Investing in real estate crowdfunding

Investing in real estate crowdfunding

We will start by investing our small capital of 500 euros in real estate crowdfunding. The real estate Crowdfunding is a branch of the participatory financing of the Crowdfunding.

As a knowledge base, Crowdfunding is an economic contribution of a number of people to a project, receiving a retribution in kind of the final product.

Real estate crowdfunding is based on the idea that several people participate in a real estate project receiving a percentage of return on borrowed capital.

Imagine an example:

There is a project to rehabilitate a building in a city with the objective of selling all homes when the project is finished.

A real estate crowdfunding company captures the investment of the project and will distribute the benefits to the participants.

Anyone can start investing from just € 50 and become an investor in a real estate project.

Thanks to the emergence of participatory financing companies, one of the “safest” products when investing is real estate crowdfunding .

The profitability they offer is usually very variable, with projects with 3.25% and others with a 9.75% return. Every real estate project is a world.

Real estate crowdfunding is a concept of recent creation and as such requires a time of maturity and knowledge.

Crowdfunding Real Estate Companies

  1. Houser
  2. Bricks & People
  3. PeerBrick

Invest in cryptocurrencies

Invest in cryptocurrencies

Surely in the past Christmas you have heard your brother-in-law talk about the virtues of Bitcoin , and a few more news about this Cryptocurrency.

If you had decided to invest only 5 euros in 2010 equivalent to 2,000 Bitcoins, today you would have the astronomical figure of 4.4 million euros .

How did your body look?

Surely your brain is now calculating the amount of pasta you would have earned by investing less than 500 euros. You would have a fantastic pension plan today.

But today things have changed a lot.

The world of Cryptocurrencies has received a large amount of money from investors with the aim of investing and getting the ball of their life.

The Cryptocurrencies and especially the bitcoin, has received strong amounts of money causing very volatile values ​​in the market suffering this great speculation.

This speculation causes that investing in Cryptocurrencies is an option in which we must be very attentive to market variations.

We can invest long-term capital (buy and hold) or play buy buy when it goes down and sell when it goes up.