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The American Kennel Club has opened their performance events to mixed breed dogs.
(Agility, Rally, Obedience)

All Olean Kennel Club classes are open to all dogs – pedigree or mixed. 
Classes are on a first come basis and fill quickly.  If you are interested in a class please contact the instructor as soon as possible.  
For more information call
Regina at 716-925-7109

AKC STAR PUPPY class starting May 8th,  Beginners Agility class and Living Better with your dog,  starting in April.  There is still time to register

All Olean Kennel Club classes are open to mixed breeds as well as pedigree dogs.
 Classes are taught by certified instructors who use positive training methods.

All classes are on a first come basis

Please contact

Class Coordinator
for information and class enrollment 

Introduction to Obstacles and Competition agility

Agility – You’ve seen these canine athletes on television having a wonderful time competing for coveted titles. Running obstacle courses in designated sequences with their human partners -agility is the ultimate team activity.  Whether you want to compete or just have a lot of fun with your dog; learn this wonderful sport at the Olean Kennel Club.  Instructors will show you how to safely teach your dog to use the A-Frame, Dog Walk, Tunnels, Chutes, Jumps, Teeter, and Pause Table.  This is a great way for dog and human to share in the fun.

Beginning Agility

Wednesdays April 23-May 28
 6 weeks $90 3,4,5, and 7 p.m.

AKC Star Puppy

The class is open to any pup who will be under the age of one
 as of the date of the first class.
Cost:  8 classes $85.00
Thursdays May 8 -Thursday June 26
Contact Deb Zientek 716-640-7583

Therapy Dog

 Dogs are natural therapists.  Therapy dog classes teach your dog the skills they will need to give emotional support and loving therapy to those needing the special love only a dog can give.  Classes help a dog to accept all the things they might encounter in a hospital or nursing home environment.  Dogs can even qualify to be “Tail Waggin Tutors” where they help children with reading difficulties by being non-judgmental listeners at libraries and schools. At the completion of the course an evaluation is conducted by a certified Therapy Dog International Evaluator.  Therapy Dog International provides insurance and support for therapy teams all over the world.

 4 classes - $45


Canine Nose Works

K9 Nose Work is the hottest new sport in the dog world! It is a fun new activity for all types of dogs (and owners), all energy levels, even physically limited dogs -ages 6 months and older. This is a great class for the shy/fearful/reactive dog. Canine Nose Works is a FUN activity where your dog gets to use his natural, amazing ability to smell, while develop confidence and independence. Each dog and owner work individually. Is a fun game that can be played around the house, as well as a sport with three levels of competition – if you so choose. Come, enjoy and see what the craze is all about!  

Beginning Nose Works 
8 classes $90  Friday evenings.
New Session will start May.

Instructor:   Gina Baker

Please contact instructor for registration, as class size is limited  



Purpose –Have no fear - if you missed out on a Puppy Star class you can still train your dog and become a winning team. This class is a basic obedience class designed by the American Kennel Club to help train dogs to be a welcome member of your home and community. Through training, a dog will learn how to behave acceptably under different conditions and earn the title of a Canine Good Citizen. Training begun in Puppy Star will be continued and expanded in this class for your older dog.

May 8- June 26 –  8 weeks  $85  6 or 7:15 p.m.

Deb Zientek instructor.

Contact instructor Deb Zientek to register at debjzk@yahoo.com

email or phone 716-640-7583


Rally and Obedience 
(Beginning and advanced.)


Private lessons are available again on a limited basis.

Private lessons tailored around your specific concerns. Lessons available for all levels from basic manners (sit, down, come, leash walking, polite greeting, etc.), to the more advanced Canine Good Citizen or therapy dog skills, or the more traditional canine sports of rally, obedience and agility. Open to puppies and dogs of all ages; handlers under 16 years of age are welcomed, but must be accompanied by an adult.

Lessons held at the Olean Kennel training building.

Please contact
more information 

Living Better With Your Dog - behavior and basic obedience class
Wednesdays April 23-May 28 6 p.m.  6 weeks $90 

Contact Denise Barber 716-933-6152 K9connection4U@gmail.com

Conformation Class

If you are planning on showing your dog in AKC conformation this is the class for you. Participants will practice the techniques of showing for a breed championship.
To register call 585-610-8940
Cost $10 per hour.